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Ye Olde Credits Page

I hope you like my Spellfire Web Page. There are several people that are responsible for it (whether they know it or not). So, I'd like to thank the following people:


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James M. Ward-Spellfire's Dad and the best boss I ever had

                       Jim Butler-The Spellfire Oracle and last remaining supporter

John Danovich-The biggest weasel in the world

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Kevin Melka-Creator of two great boosters

Mike Huebbe-For some of the best decks I've ever seen

Tony DuLac-Spellfire Fanboy above and beyond

Chuck Carey, Tony Novello, Mark and Debbie Zielinski (and apparently baby Zielinski!!!), and the thousands of Spellfire players I've met from around the world.

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And my wife, who introduced me to the game and gave me the chance to design for it.