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Puzzle Page

I am Gib Hcivonad, master of the game you call Spellfire. This month I challenge you all to send me your most clever 55-card Spellfire theme deck. These should NOT be immediately obvious themes! For example, a deck with nothing but elven champions WILL NOT be chosen as winner, but perhaps a deck based on the Tomb of Horrors AD&D module would be. At least 75% of the cards in the deck should correspond to the deck's theme in some way.

Send your decks to me and I will publish the best decks on this page. Please also include a word or two about why each card was chosen for the particular theme deck and a paragraph on what your theme is all about.


This is a lot of work, so the best deck will win a set of Forgotten Realms Chase Cards!

The next two best decks each win a set of Powers Chase Cards.


Hurry, this contest will end whenever I get tired of it.