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This is an original expansion designed by Bill Olmesdahl. I give it freely to all who care.


The Warlords expansion gives each player a general who directs his or her forces into battle. Each of these generals has a special power (much like that of a Dungeon card) and also gives an alternate winning condition. Each player who has a Warlord can win the game by either building six realms into his formation or satisfying his particular Warlord's winning condition.

Warlords cannot be removed from the game for any reason. They are immune to such things as Wish, Gib Kcir, and anything else anyone thinks of to try to remove them.


The Warlords

  1. Gore Greataxe: When Gore's Champions are attacking, they are immune to offensive magic (including Wish). Gore gains a token for each opponent's realm his champions raze. If Gore razes 10 realms, he wins the game.
  2. Tyrius, the Manipulator: Tyrius is immune to any power that would take cards from his draw pile or hand. Tyrius gains a token every time an action he takes causes an opposing player to discard a card from his hand or draw pile. If Tyrius attains 25 tokens, he wins.
  3. The Abysal Warlord: The Abysal Warlord cannot be forced to put any cards except events into the Abyss, they instead go to the discard pile. His champions gain +1 to their adjusted level for each champion the player they are opposing has in the Abyss. This warlord gains a token each time he sends an opposing champion to the Abyss. If the Abysal Warlord gains 10 such tokens, he wins the game.
  4. Dweebius: This warlord can choose to attack and raze his own realms. He chooses a defender from his opponents. If he is successful in the attack, his realm is razed and he gains a double spoils of victory. If he fails, the defender gains a spoils. This warlord gains a token for each of his own realms razed. If this warlord manages to gain 10 tokens, he wins.
  5. Yosinaford the Pure: This warlord may cast spells, use psionic powers, thief skills, blood abilities, and unarmed combat cards for the defender of any combat. He may only play any abilities which  the defending champion can use. If the round of combat is won by the defender, this warlord gains a token. If Yosinaford ever gains 20 tokens, he wins the game.
  6. The Ogre Lord: This warlord treats realm champions as normal champions. Magical items, artifacts, and all other attachments are legal to play on his realm champions. If this warlord can get 30 base levels of realm champion into play, he wins the game.
  7. Lord of the Dead: This warlord revels in the blood of the living. His undead champions may each attack again if victorious in the first round of combat. Keep track of the number of base levels worth of opposing champions this warlord's minions kill, if the number ever reaches 75, he wins the game.
  8. Sharla: This evil witch is cunning and calculating. Clerical spells cast by her champions cannot be dispelled, and no champion has immunity to clerical spells for any reason. Keep track of the number of phase 4 spells cast by her champions. If that number ever exceeds 15, she wins the game.

These are just the first few ideas. If you like this concept and want to add Warlords of your own, send them to me. If I like them, I'll give you a credit and add them to the list. Remember, K.O.S.A. (Keep Our Spellfire Alive)!